We LOVE casting and we Love to do so all over Germany and all over the WORLD!

…we Love the different mix of people, the diversity of mentalites, we find in different cities and countries and get a great sense of satisfaction from seeing people’s potential and coaching it out of them, or watching in awe as talented people bring ideas to life.

Being a „ Networker“, we get to be energetic, resourceful, absolutely reliable and combining communication, creative and administrative talents, to deliver on-brief, on schedule and within budget.

So… if you need – skilled actors, „real“ People, fashion or beauty models, moody teenagers and sweet babies, hipsters or business people, dancers, musicians, or a soccer team get in touch with us and we will find the right cast for your project.

What We Do

We strongly believe that when we create things with passion,
magic happens. Here are some magical services we offer!


We offer FULL-SERVICE-CASTINGS (live,- street,- & E-Castings) worldwide in the city of your choice with an all around service for finances and contract negotiations.

Our casting focus in Germany lies in the cities Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Here we work in modern equipped Studios with the latest up-to-date technology.

Of course we work closely with the leading actors-, model- & people agents to consistently deliver a superior level of casting for every commercial brief


We love E-Castings ( selfies ) because we can reach out for you to a wider range of talented people, actors and models who have a chance to introduce themshelves to your project.


With our longterm national and international experience we cooperate with our network partners around the world or find the right casting partner for you. We certainly also love to calculate and negotiate for you.


We will link you up online with our first class sharefolder to share our castings with you.

How we cast


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